I……………………………………………………… (print name) declare that by signing this Declaration Agreement, I have read, understood and will abide by the below obligations under the Volunteer Code of Conduct to the best of my ability during my placement as a Volunteer at Feeding Dreams Cambodia.

  • Volunteers must read, understand and comply with the Feeding Dreams Child Protection Policy.
  • Volunteers must respect Cambodian laws and culture. This includes dressing appropriately within the school yard.
  • Discrimination, physical violence, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour towards fellow volunteers or staff members is unacceptable.
  • Volunteers must respect the confidentiality of information and respect the privacy of children and their families received during their volunteer period. No private or sensitive information must be relayed to third parties without the consent of the management of Feeding Dreams Cambodia.
  • Volunteers must not display inappropriate conduct or behaviour including in public, which may adversely reflect on Feeding Dreams Cambodia, its staff or operations.
  • A commitment to your chosen, agreed work hours must be given. Volunteers must give prior notice for time off to the Volunteer Manager as soon as practical.
  • Prior to inviting friends or visitors to Feeding Dreams, volunteers must obtain prior permission from the Volunteer Manager.
  • Smoking in the classroom or schoolyard is not acceptable.
  • Introduction of business or soliciting business of any kind for self-gain from the operations of Feeding Dreams Cambodia is prohibited.
  • All funds raised in the name of Feeding Dreams Cambodia must be processed through the correct channels. Donations can be transferred to Feeding Dreams using our Website Donation page, by electronic transfer or directly into our Feeding Dreams Cambodia Bank Account. If this is not possible, cash donations should be given during your induction to Feeding Dreams, where you will be issued with a receipt from our Accounts Dept. YOUR donations enable us to continue our humanitarian work.
  • Whilst Feeding Dreams Cambodia will endeavour to direct donated funds to the area of the donor’s choice, please understand that Feeding Dreams Management holds the right to direct funds to the areas in most urgent need at any given time.
  • No volunteer shall personally accept, direct or use donations as they see fit. The above mentioned protocol must be followed at all times.
  • Any volunteer wishing to provide support or sponsorship of staff, student or family must first consult with management.
  • Volunteers must adhere to all existing operational systems in place. Any suggestions to improve current systems are appreciated, and can be submitted in writing on the Volunteer Feedback form. Systems must not be changed without prior approval from Project Director.
  • Khmer staff at Feeding Dreams have assigned duties. Please respect their roles and do not deter them from completing their work.
  • No extra-curricular activities are to be organised and carried out within the organization without prior consent from Project Director.
  • Volunteers must respect the Khmer customary lunch and rest break period from 11am to 2pm weekdays. No personal or work demands are to be placed on Khmer staff during this period.
  • Care and correct use of the organisation’s property is required at all times.
  • a) I have read the complete Feeding Dreams Cambodia Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  • b) I fully understand and agree to follow all procedures contained within.
  • c) If at any time I fail to follow the guidelines set forth by the Feeding Dreams Cambodia Volunteer Code of Conduct I understand that my employment / association may be terminated by the Project Director and appropriate action will be taken.



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