Meet Mr. Kun Sengthai

My name is Kun Seng Thai, I am 25 years old. Nowadays, I live in Siem Reap Town. I study year 4 at Build Bright University (English International for Business) in the evening, and work at Feeding Dreams Cambodia as their Administrator during the day. I was previously their head teacher, teaching Advanced English to our students until I was recently promoted. 

My father is a farmer and my mother is a seller, and I have two younger brothers who are attending high School in Oddormean Chey Province.

I was born in a small village called Triel village in Kampong Thom province. When I was thirteen, it was a very sad time as my parents had to move to find jobs in Siem Reap Province in order to provide for us.  So they decided that I and my brothers should live with my grandmother. She was a farmer who worked hard in the field nearly every day. I usually helped her after school or during my free time, and at the same time, we depended on the small money my parents were able to send.

In 2006, my parents came back home and let me and my brothers return to live with them. They had a rented room, and my brothers and I went to study at Anlong Veng secondary school. After school I always helped my parents by cooking the meals, cleaning the dishes and the hut. I also collected and bought junk to sell.  Although my parents worked hard every day, their salary still was small. The boss didn’t give father a salary, he only provided food.

From 2007 to 2009 was very difficult for my family. During that time, my father drank a lot of rice wine every day and fought with my mother as well as me. Sometimes I could not go to school, because I had to help my mother. I understand my father had a lot of problems with his boss and other people. Then his boss didn’t allow him to work there anymore. It was very difficult for us and we had no happiness or warmth in our family.

However, I was still learning at High School and I also received a good score.  I love school and I love studying. That’s why I had tried to study as much as possible, and I decided in my mind to separate the problems in different ways, even though it was hard to do.

In 2010, I received some incredible news. My father stopped drinking wine, and he has never drunk it again. We were very happy and I hoped there would be no more violence at home. Every morning my mother got up early to go to the market and sell groceries and vegetables. My father still didn’t have a specific job, but sometimes would help with housework at home or at the market.

In 2011, I studied grade 12 and I still worked very hard. I had promised myself I would pass the final examination. Fortunately, I passed. I was very happy at that time and I thought I could continue to study at University.

When I asked my mother to continue my study, she refused. She said she did not have enough money to support me. I was very depressed.  But I knew my mother’s mind and I realized that I must help myself. I had tried to talk with her again about my study and promised I could work while studying. She finally agreed with me. So, I moved from AnLong Veng to live with my uncle in Siem Reap for my study.

I arrived in Siem Reap in July 2011. Then, I saw other things more modern than Anlong Veng. I tried to find a university by myself. I found Cambodian University for Specialise, because it was cheap. It was $160 for first year. So I decided to study there. While I was studying and I had a part time job. I used to do reception work at a Hotel, a seller at the night market and a teacher at a bank school, but I only received a small salary.

However, I did not trust what I was learning at CUS, so at the end of the first year I went to test at Cambodian Mekong University for a scholarship. I received a 70% discount and I started to study my first year over again. But unfortunately, I then had some concerns about the University, because many students had given up their study and transferred out. So, the end result was there were two universities which I studied the 1st year twice.

In 2012, I had a sponsorship from Steve and Debbie from the U.S.A. through Feeding Dreams Cambodia, so I had new hopes to transfer to a reputable university to complete my studies, which is truly the wish of my life.  I moved to Build Bright University that is much better than others.

In my daily life, I like reading books and newspapers, listening to radio or music, travelling, making fun, talking with friends and sharing knowledge to others. Sometimes I like planting trees and plants. I usually play Facebook nearly every day, because I am happy to see my friends as well as the news on this social network. I don’t like drinking beer much and I hate smoking cigarettes. For me, I have an ordinary life, and I love what I have or do. I can share to my family and people who are around me.

I love my people and I love my country, Cambodia