Meet Ms. Main Saro

Meet Teacher Saro

Saro is a very humble, kind and hardworking person that loves her job and the children.

From the age of five she studied in the morning. In the afternoon and evening Saro worked in the rice fields. Rice farming is back breaking work, especially for a little girl and under the hot sun all day.

Saro’s parents worked exceptionally hard to pay for Saro and her older brother to stay in school. Saro was exceptionally bright and her teachers urged her parents to send her to university, but they could not afford it. Saro worked day and night to fund her university education and eventually realized her dreams.

Sara is now a qualified English teacher after completing 4 years at the Build Bright University all of which she paid for herself. She hopes to continue her education in the next few years by studying international relations.

Saro has worked as our kindergarten teacher in Feeding Dreams for two years and says she loves every minute of teaching the youngest children in the school. She is an exceptionally hard worker and would have to be as she manages 32 children in her morning class and 54 in the afternoon! She teaches them English and helps with their spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Saro now lives in a simple room close to the school- it is very basic but it all she can afford. This is because Saro sends much of her salary home to her aging parents who still live in the family home about an hour away from Siem Reap. After working all week teaching, Saro goes to her parents home where she still helps in the fields to ease the burden on her elderly parents.

Now, with her degree, AND a qualified Tour Guide, Saro has now been promoted to Volunteer Coordinator.