Meet Ms. Pich Saron

When we first met Saron, she was 33 years of age and lived in a small slum village about 5 mins walk from Feeding Dreams. They were a family of four – her husband Hong and baby boy 3 months old, and her daughter who was then 9 years old (to her first husband who left Saron when she was 4 months pregnant).

Their hut was mainly built from rubbish, containing a large old bed where the whole family slept. The mosquito net around the bed was old and had holes, and there was a small area at the back, where Saron cooked food and boiled water over a coal fire.

Saron is illiterate, her mother died when she was 13 years old. When Saron’s daughter was only 1 year old, Saron left her daughter with her brother and sister-in-law in Siem Reap so she could work in the hospitality industry in Malaysia. She worked in Malaysia for 3 years, sending her salary home to support her daughter, and there she learnt to speak English fluently and converse with foreigners.

When she returned to Siem Reap, she met Hong, her second husband, a moto dop driver (public motorbike), and then went onto have their baby boy. Hong’s moto was so old, it kept breaking down and unfortunately they could not afford to repair. He then found work peeling, chopping and drying potatoes. He was paid $40 per 1 tonne of potato he prepared, about 15 bags at $2.67 each. Hong could not afford to buy meat and vegetables, so he ate rice and rotting fish while he was working.

To increase their earnings, Saron joined Hong at the potato farm, which meant unfortunately that little daughter Molitey could no longer attend public khmer school. Molitey told her mother she missed school, and wished to return soon. Sarons baby son was also suffering from sickness and diarrhea.

Saron and her husband both fell ill. Saron was very weak, having dizzy spells and headaches, while still breastfeeding. They returned to live in Siem Reap to their little old hut, and Hong carried heavy boxes at the market for money, even though he was malnourished and weak, while Saron helped sell boiled rice at the market.

This is when Feeding Dreams staff discovered lovely Saron and family. However, she said they needed no assistance, and seemed reluctant to admit they needed some vital necessities. She is a lovely, happy woman who makes the best of what she has, and wants the best for her family. We help the family with medical and emergent needs, and got to know Saron much better, and realized what a hardworking and caring mother she was.

As our Kinder program was growing with even more students, Feeding Dreams decided to employ Saron as a helper in the Kinder room. Her English was amazing, and dedication and work ethics unsurpassed, so she quickly became a true asset to our team. For the last few years Saron has been one of our two Kinder Teachers at Feeding Dreams, and we are all very lucky to have her, and very proud of her accomplishments… and the children adore her.