Meet Mr. Kun Tak

My name is Kun Tak. I was born in 1995 at Travkeat Village, Danun Commune, Sotkom District, Siem Reap Province. It takes time about an hour from here to get there. Nowadays, I live in rent room with my older brother in Siem Reap. I am currently studying at University of South East Asia which my major is English Literature. I love this major so much because I want to be a good English Teacher in the future. I have a big family that has eight members, but most of my older siblings could not receive an education. I have two older brothers, two older sisters, one youngest sister and I.  While my older sisters got married to men in our village, my parents and my one older brother are the farmers and they work very hard at the rice field almost every day. Another older brother works as a receptionist in small hotel in Siem Reap. He studies English literature at University of South East Asia as well. My youngest sister is a High School student who studies in grade 12.

In 2014, I finished high school then I asked my parents to continue my study but they could not afford the fees, or for me to keep studying. They didn’t have enough money to support me at all. After that, I tried to talk with them again and again until they understood how much I wanted to study. After that, I moved to Siem Reap and lived with the monks in the Pagoda, sharing a small room with three people such as a monk, my brother and me. I woke up in the early morning to prepare breakfast for the monks. Besides helping the monks, I worked while I was studying. My first job was a service and bartender in a small hotel where I learned from workplace and practiced English there. I met a lot of people from the different countries. Anyway, Salary was so low. I saved some money to pay for the fee school and some money send to my family.

 In 2015, I was so sad. As I was getting bad information from my family that my father had arthritis and my mother had high blood pressure disease. They couldn’t work and earned money such as normal. I decided to suspend my study for a year. But I still worked in the hotel because I needed some money to support my family and myself. However, I never gave up my goals. I still studied free English and Computer outside when I had free time.

One year later, I was so happy that my parents got better. Then I started university again in 2016 till today. Now I am teaching English at Feeding Dreams Cambodia. I really love my job. I love my students and my co-workers. They are so friendly.

In the free time, I like going out with my friends, reading the books, listening to music/radio, talking with people to get and share knowledge, and researching on the internet. I sometimes spend time for surfing on Facebook because I want to see all my friends and keep in touch with them.