This policy contains information on how you can maintain contact with your sponsored child at Feeding Dreams Cambodia (FDC).

This policy should also be read in conjunction with FDC’s Child Protection Policy and the Volunteers’ Code of Conduct.

Sponsors’ Commitment and Responsibility

1. Sponsorship donations are to be made monthly or alternatively can prepaid for longer periods. Should the sponsorship donation cover a period of more than one month, the balance will be held “in trust” and dispensed to the child and/or family on a monthly basis.

2. Sponsors should maintain contact with their sponsored child on an ongoing basis through the Community Support Officer, FDC.

3. A sponsored child is encouraged to send to their Sponsor a letter along with some drawings each year.

4. Feeding Dreams will send Sponsors an update on your sponsored child every 12 months which will also include the child’s academic record and health status. For young sponsored children, FDC staff may prepare correspondence on behalf of the child to their Sponsor as family members may not be literate.

5. All contact by Sponsors to their sponsored child must be submitted through the FDC
Community Support Program Officer by either –
a) Email: community@feedingdreamscambodia.org/ or
b) Written correspondence using the following address –

Community Support Officer
Feeding Dreams Cambodia
Group 1 Ta Vien Village
Sala Kamreuk Commune
Siem Reap City
Kingdom of Cambodia

6. All emails and written correspondence to the sponsored child is opened and reviewed by FDC staff to ensure the protection and safety of the child.

7. All correspondence should indicate the sponsored child’s name but must not indicate the Sponsor’s personal address, email address or other contact details.

8. Sponsors must not have direct communication with their sponsored child and/or their family without the prior knowledge of FDC. This direct communication includes contact through Facebook, internet, instant messaging, skype and other social networking sites.

9. Should a sponsored child and/or their family contact the Sponsor (e.g. via email, Facebook or other electronic medium), the Sponsor should immediately contact the Community Support Officer community@feedingdreamscambodia.org at FDC and report the attempted contact. The sponsor should not reply directly to the sponsored child and/or family and “block” the contact on the social site.

10. A Sponsor who wishes to cease or is unable to continue their sponsorship, should give at least one (1) months’ notice to allow FDC to consider alternative options for the sponsored child.

11. Sponsors may give gifts to their sponsored child and/or family in addition to their sponsorship. All gifts will be monitored by Community Support Program Officer. Alternatively, it is preferred that Sponsor donate funds for the local purchase of gifts by the Community Support Program Officer, FDC.

12. All Sponsors are encouraged where possible, to visit their sponsored child and participate in the Volunteering Program at FDC and within the local community.

13. Sponsors who have a planned visit to FDC, must register their pending visit with FDC’s Community Support Officer and provide details of the intended travel.