The Issue

As a result of chronic and acute malnutrition, many of our students at Feeding Dreams are badly stunted and suffer ongoing health issues.

Micronutrient deficiencies are widespread. Among under-5 children, 45% of them are stunted, 11% are wasted, and 29% are underweight. Social determinants of maternal and child undernutrition were identified including poverty, income inequity, food insecurity, low maternal education, infections, and gender inequity.

A recent report in the International Journal of Food and Nutritional Science, shows malnutrition remains one of the leading drivers causing poverty in Cambodia.

Lack of access to clean water also contributes to the increase of overall burden of diseases and mortality. Specifically in Cambodia, undernutrition is estimated to contribute to around 45% of child deaths.

How We Address It

Through our School Meals Program, we are able to provide free school meals – 600 nutritious meals, each day Monday-Friday to  malnourished children.

Subject to funding, the School Meals Program varies daily. We serve meals such as:

– A variety of black beans, corn, egg, potato & banana

– Fried rice, mixed vegetables, soup with pork or chicken

– Dessert Day with black bean & coconut milk, sweet pumpkin curry & banana cake.

– Vegetable curry with bread or rice soup with protein

– Chinese Noodle or Khmer Chinese Noodles with vegetable

The remaining food each day is bagged up and given to our poorest children to take home. We also provide unlimited clean drinking water on site at school as well as water bottle refills for the children to take home.

Our dedicated Head Chef Srey Mao has been preparing, cooking and serving hundreds of daily meals to the children at our school since we first opened.

It has always been our core belief that
No Child Should Attend School Hungry.

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150 Nutritious Meals


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300 Nutritious Meals


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600 Nutritious Meals


will cover a chefs

Salary for one Month

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