Steve Goldberg – British Columbia, Canada

Had the pleasure of being a first time volunteer at Feeding Dreams for the past 2+ weeks and was fortunate to attend Feeding Dreams 10th anniversary celebration this week:
It’s a real credit to everyone at Feeding Dreams to have reached this milestone, especially with the country being shut down and funding and contributions coming to a trickle due to Covid.
Good news is things have opened up, people are traveling again and Feeding Dreams continues to do its great work.
However, working with Kerry and her leaders during my time here, it became clear that financial help is especially needed now to sustain the great work they do.
I have worked with NGO’s around the world for the last 4 decades and can honestly say, as many of you are aware, something special is happening at Feeding Dreams.
Know this is going to many previous volunteers, sponsors and Feeding Dreams donors AND clearly know there are many great causes to contribute to.
If you are able to assist further, as a returning volunteer, sponsor and/or donor, know this would be highly appreciated and will make a big difference to Feeding Dreams day to day operations and on-going programs
Very happy I’ve had this opportunity to be of service and contribute as a donor.  Now look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for Feeding Dreams with others upon my return to Canada.