Meet our multicultural Feeding Dreams Cambodia Team, a group of high performing humanitarians with exceptional attitudes, beliefs and understanding of themselves and others. These principled individuals are committed to empowering the impoverished, and consistently meet work challenges and organizational achievement.

Board of Directors

Ms. Kerry Huntly
Public Relations
A great humanitarian from Brisbane Australia, with an abundant passion and devotion to her pursuit of raising up the impoverished children and families of Cambodia.

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Mr. Blaed Perkins
Director / Managing Director Y.E.S
Football Academy
Passionate about social change and empowerment of Cambodian youths through football, this young Australian is realizing his dream through football leadership and innovation.

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Ms. Arlene Gormley
Director / Sustainable
Development Consultant

With her MA in Sustainable Int’l Development, our dedicated Irish girl plays an integral and vital role in FDC operations. Her love for the Cambodian people is endless.

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Key Staff:

Mr. Sophorn Ngin
Community Support Manager

Mr. Makara Seng
GM Dreams Training Center

Mr. Kun Sengthai
Head of Academics

Mr. Roeun Thoeun
Volunteer Manager

Mr. Cheng Sokmean
I.T Specialist / Trainer

Mr. Peter Flint
FDC Aust Ambassador

Online Design & Marketing

Ms. Srey Mao
Head Chef

Ms. Chan Srey Roth
Morality Counsellor

Ms. Clare McKinney
FDC UK Ambassador


Humanitarians working together for change

Mr. Huo Bun Hean (ហួ ប៊ុនហ៊ាន)
Tuk-Tuk Driver

Mr. Phoan Phirom (ភន់ ភីរម្យ)
Soccer Coach

Ms. Mek Soknita (ម៉ិក សុនិតា)

Ms. Hout Srey Mom (ហួត ស្រី មុំ)
Assistant Cook

Mr. Kun Tak (គុណ តាក់)
English Teacher

Ms. Sambath Tina (សម្បត្តិ ទីណា)
English Teacher

Mr. Voeun Sen
English Teacher

Mr. Ream Bora (រៀម បូរ៉ា)
English Teacher

Ms. Meas Samneang (មាស សំនៀង)
English Teacher

Mr. Tun Dong (ទន់ ដូង)
English Teacher

Ms. Uch Monika (អ៊ុជ ម៉ូនីកា)
Social Worker

Mr. Khin Sinang (ឃិន ស៊ីណាង)
Social Worker

Mr. Moun Chet (មួន ចិត្ដ)
English Teacher

Ms.Pich Saron
Kinder Teacher

Ms.Pon Dinha
Kinder Teacher

Ms.Brak Thoeung (Tha)

Mr. Pang Lum El (ប៉ាង លំអិល)
Social Worker

Feeding Dreams Cambodia Team