Serving 600 Nutritious Daily School Meals

Malnutrition remains a significant problem in Cambodia, almost 40% of children are chronically malnourished.


2012 – Present


Fighting malnutrition, starvation and stunting.


4 dedicated cooks.


600 students receive nutritious daily meals.

The Issue

In the past five years, the number of children suffering from chronic malnutrition has decreased only slightly and the number suffering from acute malnutrition may have increased.

Major drivers of poor nutrition in young children are inadequate complementary feeding practices, poor hygiene and results in high prevalence of diseases, including diarrhea.

It was stated in a recent report in the International Journal of Food and Nutritional Science, that malnutrition remains one of the leading drivers causing poverty in Cambodia.

How We Adress It:

Through our School Meal Program we are able to provide free school meals – 600 nutritious meals, each day Monday-Friday to malnourished children.

Subject to fund­ing, the School Meal Program varies daily. We serve meals such as:

– A combination of black beans, corn, egg, potato & banana

– Fried rice, mixed vegetables, soup with pork or chicken

– Dessert Day with black bean & coconut milk, sweet pumpkin curry & banana cake.

– Vegetable curry with bread or rice soup with protein

– Chinese Noodle or Khmer Chinese Noodles with vegetable

The remaining food each day is bagged up and given to our poorest children to take home.

Our dedicated Head Chef Srey Mao has been preparing, cooking and serving hundreds of daily meals to the children at our school since we first opened, read her story here. 


will provide

150 nutritious meals


will provide

300 nutritious meals


will provide

600 nutritious meals


will cover a chefs

salary for one month