The Issue

Most of our students are raised in slum huts, with no electricity or plumbing.  Therefore they have no access to hardware or technology in their home environments.

In the public Cambodian school system, young children have no access to computers at all. It is not introduced into the curriculum until Grade 10, where teenagers only have the chance to learn for one hour per week. This is not nearly enough class-time to learn the basics and the classes are over-crowded and the resources are often broken.  (Less than 25% of children actually reach Grade 10)

Computer literacy is not only an important skill needed by our students for employment in 21st century workplaces, but personal access to technology brings young people into contact with the broader world.  Technology today is a powerful development tool, used in the global battle in global education, livelihoods and health.

Over the past decade technology has transcended poverty, race and economics to become a driving force in the lives of people across the world.

How We Address It

What we’ve learnt is that it isn’t enough to simply provide the hardware, it’s the quality of the wrap-around services – the teacher training, maintenance of technology, reliability of power, which provides the long-term benefits to students.

Our I.T. training program provides our students with the necessary soft and hard skills in basic computing training. Our 6 month-courses are taught for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week.

Remembering that our students are only using computers for the very first time, our curriculum includes all core hard-skills such as opening the laptop, using a mouse and learning typing on both their Khmer and English keyboards.

The soft-skills include all basics in Microsoft Office and in the development of their competency using the following software programs:

Word for processing, creating and editing document

Excel to create spreadsheets and formulas

Power Point to develop documents and slides for presentations.

Searches for information, and emailing skills.

At the successful completion of the 6 month I.T program, the student will receive accreditation and awarded a Certificate of competency in Computer Basics, Typing, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point, Internet and Email recognised by the Cambodian Department of Labour and Vocational Training.

Many of our I.T graduates successfully go on to find excellent permanent employment, and others part-time jobs to support their further education.

Sponsor a Child For US$18 Per Month

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