US $140

With NO physical education offered in the Khmer Public school system, poor Cambodian children and youth have no opportunity to play sports and learn valuable life-skills such as team work and leadership.

For a one-off donation of US$140 you can provide a marginalised Khmer with 1 year of training in our Youth Education Sport (Y.E.S).

This donation will enable a disadvantaged child to realise his dream of playing football. He will join regular training sessions every week under the guidance of our very experienced mentors and coaches. He will be taught the importance of physical education whilst training in a fun and friendly environment with other youth members. Being part of a positive sports environment increases the mental and physical health of the participant.

He will also receive a pair of football boots, shin pads and socks as well as 2 soccer uniforms to use throughout the year.

Gift A Football Dream

With thanks to our beloved Football Dream sponsors

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