The Issue:

In Cambodia education for the poor is LARGELY inaccessible for a variety of reasons:

– To enrol in public school children must own a birth certificate and family book. These cost money, as a result many poor children have no papers and are not eligible to register.

– Insufficient government funding to public schools results in students needing to pay teachers for extra classes/lessons. There is also costs for basic resources such as stationery, exam papers, uniforms and even bicycle parking. As a result, it is making impossible for many poor families to send their children to school.

Impoverished children are therefore forced out of school and into child labour to help their families survive.

Sadly, they are denied the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for gainful future employment. So, they are perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

Without education and vital life skills, they are also vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, which may exacerbate the existing cycle of poverty in their families.

How We Address It:

Feeding Dreams provides 800 impoverished children with free daily classes in English, Math, I.T, Health & Hygiene, Morality, Art and Sport.

Our free education programs are accredited by the Department of Education, Youth and Sports. So, each student receives nationally recognized yearly Certificates.

Innovative teachers and a child friendly school, combined with established curriculums provide the perfect learning environment for our little ones to thrive. The children love coming to Feeding Dreams where they can play, learn, eat and enjoy some sense of a childhood.

FDC also provides financial assistance for children to cover their formal Khmer Primary and Secondary School costs, as well as ongoing support to older students so they can progress to tertiary education.

For many of our students the few hours a day attending Feeding Dreams is the only time they get to be “kids” – free from the hardships of collecting rubbish and chronic hunger. Every child we free from enslaved child labour. Therefore, place in school systems is one more step to ending cycles of family poverty.

Sponsor A Seat

The average cost to provide 1 poor child at Feeding Dreams Cambodia
with free daily education and support for one year is US$100.

Or click here to make a general donation to our Education Program, every dollar goes so far…


will provide

250 Pens and Pencils


will provide

200 Exercise Books


will provide

15 School Backpacks


will cover a teachers

Salary for One Month