The Issue:

  • Its hard to study when you’re hungry. Around 30% of local children are underweight, and 45% stunted due to nutritional deficiencies.
  • The few hours a day of basic public Khmer schooling does not equip students with the knowledge and development needed to break the poverty cycle.
  • Additionally, the public school system does not have the resources to develop the ‘whole child’, including their health and nutrition; instilling students with core values and sense of self worth.

Sadly denied the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for gainful future employment, children are left to perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

Poverty is one of the single greatest predictors of vulnerability to trafficking. When people are struggling to pay for food or rent, school, or for health care, they become desperate for solutions. They become easy targets for traffickers. Combined with other factors like lack of education that prevent them from attaining legal work, they are ripe for exploitation.

How We Address It:

Feeding Dreams provides 800 impoverished children with free daily classes in English, Math, I.T, Health & Hygiene, Morality, Art and Sport.

Our free education programs are accredited by the Department of Education, Youth and Sports. So, each student receives nationally recognized yearly Certificates.

Innovative teachers and a child friendly school, combined with established curriculums provide the perfect learning environment for our little ones to thrive. The children love coming to Feeding Dreams where they can play, learn, eat and enjoy some sense of a childhood.

The program includes:

  • English language lessons, allowing access to a huge range of employment opportunities inaccessible to non-English speaking Cambodians. English is not taught in the public school system.
  • Computer lessons. As the children of impoverished families, FDC provides their only access to computers and the vital skills fundamental to good jobs in a modernising economy. In the public Cambodian school system, young children have no access to computers at all.
  • Nutritional food and clean water. It’s hard to study when you’re hungry, or ill from malnutrition and waterborne diseases. Around 30% of local impoverished children are underweight, and 45% stunted due to nutritional deficiencies. FDC Kids are ensured access to filtered water and a good meal every day at school.
  • Accredited Maths, and Morality, Health, and Hygiene lessons. Essential education in work and life skills. Enabling students to understand their basic human rights, helping them recognise and avoid violence, exploitation and trafficking.
  • Art and Sport. Organised sports and art allow for the development of self-expression, critical and creative thinking skills, teamwork, and motivates students to enjoy learning. The public school system does not provide any form of sport or physical education for children in the curriculum.
  • First aid treatment and medical support. All students have access to at times lifesaving support for problems that would likely otherwise go untreated.

For many of our students the few hours a day attending Feeding Dreams is the only time they get to be “kids” – building skills, self-worth, confidence, and most importantly, hope for a brighter future. Replacing time they would be required to engage in child labour with learning and organised play, free from the hardships of collecting rubbish and chronic hunger.

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