The Issue

Many Cambodian families living in chronic poverty are faced with the harsh reality of suffering sickness, illiteracy, malnutrition and exploitation.

Often impoverished parents have not had access to education, as such, they are restricted to low-paying, exploitative labour to provide the bare necessities for their children. In the absence of a steady, decent income and limited access to free-education for their children, families find they are trapped in the poverty cycle.
The World Bank reported that only 13.5% of Cambodians live beneath the poverty line. This figure is disproportionately low because the Cambodian national poverty line (as determined by the Ministry Of Planning) is a meagre US$0.98 cents per day. An extremely high percentage of the Cambodian families are surviving just above this statistic and while not technically below the poverty line, are most definitely living with scarcity and suffering.
Without support and direction from our holistic community development programs, these vulnerable families would continue to suffer.

How We Address It

Our Community Support Program is an incredibly important part of Feeding Dreams.

The objective of this program is to keep families united and strengthen them through access to the tools and resources needed to escape the poverty cycle. Our dedicated team of social workers assess the needs and challenges of each individual family, and create an action plan to address the issues and support the family through every step of the way.

The Community Support Program encompasses a multitude of services and works with local partners to ensure our families have access to the best support.

For example we work with local government to issue essential identification documents such as birth certificates (which prevent high levels of human trafficking) and we work with local reproductive health clinics to offer mothers access to family planning services.

FDC provides morality development lessons which aims to teach the importance of respect, culture, health and hygiene, human rights, self-respect, compassion and empathy, sexual exploitation and trafficking awareness for older students. The focus is also on equal opportunities for girls and boys, young people, their parents and the elderly. With quality education we will empower all our children to play their full role in society and build stronger families, communities and democracies.

The ethos at Feeding Dreams is to deliver a holistic approach to development.

We ensure our Community Support Program covers all bases which include:

– Domestic Violence intervention, shelter and counselling

– Healthcare – Medical consults and treatment

– Birth control Contraception Implant bars

– Child Protection Program & action plans

– Human trafficking awareness & prevention

– Financial Literacy Support

– Birth Certificates and legal registration

– Educational meetings

– Personal and Food Hygiene education

– Dental treatment

– Eye care / glasses

– Funeral financial Support

– Crisis food distribution to families

– Bicycles & Clothing

– Hut & pump repairs

We firmly believe that the Community Support Program is the life-line of Feeding Dreams and through this program, we can bring lasting change to the families we serve.

Become a member of the Emergency Relief Fund from US$15 per month,
and provide critical emergency care to those in need.

Or click here to make a general donation to our Community Support Program, every dollar goes so far…


will provide

A Childs Birth Certificate


will provide

50kg of Rice


will provide

2 Bicycles


will cover a social workers

Salary for One Month