COMMUNITY SUPPORT – Sponsor a child in need

USD $73 per month

Your generous sponsorship of US$73 changes the life of a child that has completely ‘fallen through the cracks’, with no access to education of any kind. It covers all their public schooling costs, welfare services provided to them and their family to keep them in the education system, along with all costs associated with attending Feeding Dreams.

For some of the most impoverished children in the local community, even ‘free’ public schooling is unachievable. To enrol in public school children must own a birth certificate or family book. These cost money, as a result many of the poorest children have no papers and are not eligible to register.

Insufficient government funding to public schools also results in students needing to pay teachers for extra classes/lessons. There are also costs for basic resources such as stationery, exam papers, uniforms and even bicycle parking. As a result, it is impossible for our poorest families to send their children to school.
Impoverished children are often forced out of school and into child labour to help their families survive. An estimated 2,000,000 children commence Primary School yearly in Cambodia, yet only 25% of these students reach Grade 9, and less than 7% complete Grade 12.

Without education and vital life skills, they are also vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, which may exacerbate the existing cycle of poverty in their families.

Your sponsorship for a child covers:
– Assessment. A member of our dedicated team of social workers assess the needs and challenges of each individual family of sponsored children, with an action plan to address identified issues and support the family throught every step of the way.
– Public Khmer School extra lessons and examination papers
– Uniforms, backpack and shoes
– Textbooks, exercise books and stationery
– Break time snack and bottled water
– Bicycle parking fee daily
– All costs associated with attending Feeding Dreams, where they receive;
– English language lessons, allowing access to a huge range of employment opportunities inaccessible to non-English speaking Cambodians. English is not taught in the public school system.
– Computer lessons. In the public Cambodian school system, young children have no access to computers at all.
– Nutritional food and clean water. It’s hard to study when you’re hungry, or ill from malnutrition and waterborne diseases. Around 30% of local impoverished children are underweight, and 45% stunted due to nutritional deficiencies. Your generous sponsorship ensures access to filtered water and a good meal every day at school.
– Accredited Maths, and Morality, Health, and Hygiene lessons. Essential education in work and life skills. Enabling students to understand their basic human rights, helping them recognise and avoid violence, exploitation and trafficking.
– Art and Sport. Organised sports and art allow for the development of self-expression, critical and creative thinking skills, teamwork, and motivates students to enjoy learning. The public school system does not provide any form of sport or physical education for children in the curriculum.
– First aid treatment and medical support. All students have access to at times lifesaving support for problems that would likely otherwise go untreated.

Help a Feeding Dreams family by sponsoring one child with USD$73 per month.

All costs above will be covered in your sponsorship.

Feeding Dreams also facilitates University Sponsorships for children that are able to complete schooling to Year 12, for a similar sponsorship $ amount.

For a child who is not able to complete their basic education, we also offer students an opportunity to attend a 1 year Vocational Training course with our Dreams Training Centre.

Children Awaiting Sponsorship

We currently have children in urgent need of Sponsorship.

Please email Sophorn our Community Manager and he will forward you profiles of our most urgent cases.