Dreams Training Center Vocational Hospitality Program

Feeding Dreams Cambodia, based in an urban slum area of Siem Reap has launched a new, innovative on-siteprogram.

Each year, the Dreams Training Center provides 60 youths who have had minimal education with 12 months of intensive training at our custom built facility. Our comprehensive curriculum prepares each student for a career in the rapidly expanding hospitality industry in Siem Reap.

Focusing on one of the following 4 departments: Housingkeeping, Front-office, Cooking or Food and Beverage Services, each trainee learns highly demanded technical skills along with vital life skills including financial literacy, negotiation and leadership skills.

Training Requirements

After six months of personal development and department focused technical training at the Dreams Training Centre, the students will then undergo a four month internship with local 4-5 star hotels.

The final 2 months of the course includes analysis and support from the centre, and graduation and job placement


Upon completion of the program, students will receive a Qualification from the Ministry of Education and the Department
of Tourism, and receive employment positions with local 4-5 start hotels with competitive salaries and fair working conditions.

As alumni of the Dreams Training Centre each graduate will be entitled to on-going mentoring and guidance as they progress through their career.

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