Want to change the life of a Youth today?

As a Sponsor of a Dreams Training Centre student you are giving an underprivileged youth with job placement so
that they can earn a fair wage and live a life above the poverty line without exploitation.

Included in the 12 month course for each student is:
– US$50/month paid directly to the student enabling them to quit their current exploitive jobs and survive
throughout the entire 12 months of the program. This stipend allows the students to focus wholly on studying
giving them the best chance to succeeed.
– An intensive Hospitality Training Course for 1 year, earning a Qualification from Ministry of Education and
Department of Tourism.
– All uniforms and training resources
– Health insurance
– 6 month on site training provided by leading local professionals.
– 4 month internship at local 4-5 star hotels.
– 2 months of analysis and support from the centre including graduation and job placement
– An opportunity to remove themselves from a life of poverty and hardship

As a sponsor of a Feeding Dreams Cambodia Vocational Hospitality Program student you will receive a
profile and history of the student you are sponsoring, a mid-way progress report and a final update upon their

For only US$1,200 or as little as US$100/month you have the power to give the gift of an accredited hospitality
qualification and job placement changing the life of an impoverished youth.

The following payment plans are available for donors:

1. Upfront one off payment of US$1,200 to sponsor a student for the entire course
2. Monthly payment of US$100 every month for 12 months