This Club appreciates humanitarians that realize the only way to enable Cambodian children to climb out of the dark depths of poverty, sickness, malnutrition, suffering and exploitation, is by supporting Education.

Vocational Training

  • vocational
  • There is a huge demand for skilled hospitality staff and trades people in Siem Reap, which is a gateway to the Angkor temples and boasts approximately 200 Hotels and 250 guesthouses, with numbers increasing rapidly.
  • Due to high rates of poverty, many young people have been forced to drop out of formal education at grade 2 or 3 level, or never had the chance to begin.
  • Without an education these young people are vulnerable to the sex trade, modern day slavery (MDS) and human trafficking.
  • While it may be too late to begin a conventional academic education, it is imperative that these young people are given an opportunity in life.
  • Creating a new 12 month Vocational Hospitality Training program through the Dreams Training Center.
  • The Dreams Training Center will provide intakes of 21 youths who have minimal formal education with 6 months intensive training at this purpose built facility on the FDC school campus. Focusing on one of the following departments:
    • Housekeeping/Room Service
    • Guest Services/Front Office
    • Food and Beverage
  • Class sizes are kept to 5-7 students with the trainers being local professionals in each department who have previously worked at high end hotels, offering students the best chance of success.
  • Included in the 6 month intensive training will be life skills workshops on the following topics:
    • Financial literacy;
    • Leadership;
    • Time management;
    • Self worth;
    • Personal grooming and
    • Team building.
  • Students will be then offered 4 month internships with local high end partner hotels and restaurants offering on the job experience. Followed by 2 months further training and support at the training center whilst employment is sort for each student.
  • Upon completion of this program each student will receive:
    • Qualification from Ministry of Education and Department of Tourism.
    • Job placements at local high end hotels and restaurants with on going support to ensure workers conditions are maintained.
  • US$125 per month for the 12 months or US$1,500 one-off payment will sponsor one impoverished student for 12 months of the program.
  • The sponsorships provide the students with the following:
    • 6 month on campus training provided by leading local professionals as described in previous slides
    • 4 month internship at local high end hotels and restaurant
    • 2 months of on going training and support until student is placed in employment
    • US$50/month allowance paid directly to the student for living expenses for the entire 12 months of the program allowing the students to focus wholly on study and the best chance to succeed.
    • 2 uniforms
    • Health insurance
  • As a sponsor of a Feeding Dreams Cambodia Vocational Hospitality Program student you will receive the following:
    • The knowledge that you are supporting an underprivileged teenager with an opportunity to earn a wage and live a life above the poverty line without exploitation.
    • A full profile and history of the student you are sponsoring.
    • Update of student’s progress, including where your student will be completing their internship and where your student will be working post graduation.

To get involved and make a difference in these teenager’s lives please contact Arlene Gormley today on to find out how.

Every dollar makes a difference!