This Club appreciates humanitarians that realize the only way to enable Cambodian children to climb out of the dark depths of poverty, sickness, malnutrition, suffering and exploitation, is by supporting Education.

Meet Mr. Voeun San

Vouen San is a shy but cheeky young man from the village of Kampong Kdai, 30 minutes outside of Siem Reap. At 21, he has big dreams to be a police minister. San always studies hard and fortunately, last year he passed his year 12 exams.

San is the youngest of 7 siblings. Sadly, one of his brothers passed away 3 years ago after a tragic motorbike accident.  Also, San’s father suffered some long term medical issues related to high blood pressure. The family often spent a lot of money on medical fees to improve his health but sadly, he passed away only months after San’s brother. Although the life expectancy in Cambodia is 58, San’s mother is 64 years old and now stays at home as she is too old to work. She relies on the generosity of her children and their spare money for survival.

During the time San attended high school, he rode his bicycle 8km every day to get to school. Due to his family’s financial difficulties, he was often unable to pay his exam fees and he did not have money to give the teachers when they demanded fees, making it more difficult for him to study properly and pass his exams. San was lucky enough to begin his studies at 6 years old but unfortunately when he was in grade 10, he was forced to discontinue his studies because his family could no longer afford his education.

San is a very valuable and reliable staff member at Feeding Dreams Cambodia. He is our security guard but his job does not stop there. He is constantly helping in the kitchen, taking care of the students’ bikes, patrolling the offices, classrooms and play areas. All of the staff at Feeding Dreams relies on San and he has never disappointed them. He sleeps at Feeding Dreams every night in order to monitor the school.

San really enjoys studying more than anything and has commenced study of Administration and Human Resources at University. He wanted to study law but due to its lack of job offers in Cambodia, he changed his mind. San says that he desperately wants to complete a university degree because no one in his family or even his village has ever studied at university and he wants to show people that it is possible.

The other parents in his village do not allow their children to finish their studies because they are too poor and they need to find jobs at an early age to support their families. San says that one day, when he is earning decent money he wants to help his country and make a difference.