This Club appreciates humanitarians that realize the only way to enable Cambodian children to climb out of the dark depths of poverty, sickness, malnutrition, suffering and exploitation, is by supporting Education.

Meet Mr. Chheng Oun

I am originally from countryside, Chikreng District, in Cambodia but I live in the city, Siem Reap now. I am 24 year-old and I am the youngest child in my family.

I am a university student who is studying in Year 4th, University of South-East-Asia and work in an organizational school, Feeding Dreams Cambodia, as a teacher of English near my rental house. I check the students are friendly and I help them a lot with their task. Basically, I do enjoy this position so much because I like teaching and assisting them.

Before I moved to Siem Reap City in Cambodia, I lived in a small rural area which was consisting less educational system. I studied Khmer language at Primary and Secondary school that it stayed far away from my home to there. And in that time I was a jobless person because I was too young and workplace had only in the city. In the city there was a lot of opportunity to work; however, in rural area there was not. In special case, I had to go to absorb formal education at school by bike usually and on foot sometimes.


When I finished at high school in 2013, I started working the first position as a waiter in a small restaurant in Siem Reap City while I was staying in Siem Reap pagoda. It called Kok Chork Pagoda.

So far my family background is concerned there are eight members, three boys and three girls, in my family. My father, Heob, is a farmer and my mother, Men, is a farmer too. Including the three my elder sisters and one elder brother are farmers except me and another one elder brother are not. However, he is a tuk tuk driver who lives in Siem Reap City, but others live in rural area. All of them are married and uneducated except only me, Chheng Oun.

To sum up, I am extremely happy even though I was born in poor family and all siblings are uneducated. “When you were born in poor that is not you mistake, but if you were died in poor that is your big mistake.