This Club appreciates humanitarians that realize the only way to enable Cambodian children to climb out of the dark depths of poverty, sickness, malnutrition, suffering and exploitation, is by supporting Education.

Meet Ms. Sok Mardy


Meet Mardy, our bright young English teacher who was originally an English student at Feeding Dreams.  Mardy speaks excellent English and she loves teaching to share her knowledge. She is a very friendly, flexible, and outgoing young woman and she works hard with a high commitment and responsibility. Mardy also studies English Literature for Teaching at University every evening.

Mardy comes from a poor family who could not afford to give her any money for school, so has always worked and studied. While she works she saves some money to pay for University and also gives some money to her family for food. Mardy has dreamed of becoming an English lecturer at a university one day in the future. She has been teaching herself English through her experiences from work as receptionist and English teacher.

Mardy’s mother, Sith Sambo, 41, has been sick nearly 10 years since Mardy was in Grade 4. Sambo has sugar diabetes, and takes diabetes medicine which she buys from the local Pharmacy each month for around $20. Sambo still manages to work every day selling vegetables at the Market where she can earn 2.50$ per day. Mardy’s father Hok Sok, 51, also has sugar diabetes and is now on medication. Sok is a good father and he works very hard every day as a Tuk-Tuk driver, earning about $4 – 5 each day but some days earns nothing. Mardy also has 2 younger brothers, Sok Lydy, 15, is in Grade 9 and Sok Pov, 11, is in Grade 6. They both are healthy and they come to learn English at Feeding Dreams School each afternoon.

Mardy is clever, caring and commands the kids’ attention.  She loves teaching so much, and in her free time she does assignments and also assists her mother with cooking and washing clothes.