This Club appreciates humanitarians that realize the only way to enable Cambodian children to climb out of the dark depths of poverty, sickness, malnutrition, suffering and exploitation, is by supporting Education.

Community Sponsorship Program

We strive to keep parents united with their children.

Feeding Dreams works with families in poverty living in urban slums, who have been discarded and deserted. They may be illiterate, suffering sickness, disability or exploitation and with various forms of support, guidance and small business opportunities we can restore hope to children and families. Our objectives are to develop self-reliance and self empowerment in the individual and within the village community.



Mosquito nets, blankets, sleeping mats

As families live in dilapidated huts, they are open to the elements. Mosquito nets are imperative for locals, as dengue fever is prevalent in Cambodia. Also, constant mosquito bites on children, through scratching eventually become infected and then need medical treatment. Woven sleeping mats are used to sleep on, placed on the ground or a bamboo platform, also used for meal time, when all congregate on the mat for a meal. Even though Cambodia is extremely hot most of the year, the locals find their winter extremely cold, especially in huts without walls, and huge holes in the roof. Mosquito nets US$8 for large family square net, blankets US$8 for large blanket, and sleeping mats, good quality US$8.

These items need to be replaced every 18 months.

Family Books and Birth Certificates

We prepare documentation and pay to have family books and birth certificates issued by authorities and police. People without legal identity are also more vulnerable to trafficking and Modern Day Slavery. The poor cannot afford the cost of US$35 for a Family book and US$10 for a birth certificate.

Individuals need a Family Book and Birth Certificate in order to

  • attend Public Khmer school
  • receive immunizations
  • have a right to vote
  • get married
  • own a house
  • obtain a national identification card
  • apply for a passport

Emergency Medical

Most impoverished adults have never been to a qualified doctor in their lifetime. There are no free medical services offered in Siem Reap for those over the age of 16 years. It is imperative we provide urgent medical consultations and medication, when needed. We have an MOU with a local Medical Clinic, and we pay all medical and transport costs. We need to keep parents alive and healthy to ensure they are able to work and continue to support and raise their children.  Costs range from US$10 to US$90.

Emergency Rice

Families living in dire circumstances often face sickness, injuries, or have disabilities. Mothers (or fathers) are abandoned left to work, parent and raise young children alone, whilst earning only US$2 per day, aged grandparents raising very young children alone, collecting rubbish or scavenging for wild vegetables, often need emergency rice. One bag of rice costs US$25.

Small business startups

We access needy family’s abilities to operate their own small business, after the family has presented us with a business plan. This option can often save them from relying on collecting rubbish to feed their family. The operations and success of the business is also monitored by our Social Workers. Small family businesses range from US$100 and up.

Hut repairs or construction

MMost families live in a decrepit shack in slum areas. Their huts or rooms are in disarray and many are badly in need of repair or rebuilding. Walls and ceilings have gaping holes, and during the rainy season, families are forced to find pieces of rubbish plastic to hang and sit under during the night. Children and families constantly being exposed to the elements is also a breeding ground for sickness. We organize and pay local builders, who themselves live in slum areas to repair or rebuild dilapidated huts. US$50 will repair some walls, US$100 replace a roof, US$500 an entire home.

Funeral Support

In Cambodia both funerals are very expensive and in most cases unaffordable for the majority, and normally the few relatives that are left simply have nothing to contribute.

There seems to be continual funerals, both for children and adults as a result of poverty; sickness, malnutrition, disease and accidental death. In Buddhist belief, the full ritual must be undertaken showing respect and dignity to the deceased and to ensure they are reborn again into a better life.

A normal funeral costs at least US$250.00 and up. Feeding Dreams likes to donate US$100 (if funds allow) to impoverished families.


Many children live kilometers away from schools, and can take them over an hour to walk to school. The gift of a bicycle enables them to attend schools, reap the rewards of an education and still have time to help support the family by collecting rubbish or collecting forest fruits to sell. We also supply bicycles for parents as their family mode of transport or to run small businesses from, such as Selling bread from their bicycle, Selling fish, vegetables, or collecting rubbish. Bicycles US$50.


Every Dollar makes a difference

US$20, US$50 or US$100 or select your own amount.

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