This Club appreciates humanitarians that realize the only way to enable Cambodian children to climb out of the dark depths of poverty, sickness, malnutrition, suffering and exploitation, is by supporting Education.

Aunty Mel's Kindy Corner - Kindergarten Program

The Aunty Mel's Kindy Corner will be a safe environment for the children of poor parents living in Siem Reaps slums to play and spend the day in supervised care. This will be life changing to the families as it will enable both parents to be out earning the much needed money they need to survive.

With the beautiful bright rainbow gate now painted, the renovated space is now completed. We have a combination of indoor and outdoor soft play areas for the children to enjoy. A creative blackboard wall, slide, swing set, climbing wall and see-saws are just a few of the facilities which will be available for our kindy kids - all luxuries that they have never seen before.

This Feeding Dreams Cambodia project is to pay tribute to Melinda "Mel" Horner who was tragically taken from our world late last year. Since visiting Cambodia in 2013, it was Mel's dream to start a school of her own. To honour her wish, Mel's family have worked tirelessly to raise funds so that Feeding Dreams can launch Mel's very special Kindergarten program.


You can help support this valuable program by considering an ongoing donation or a once off donation.

Every dollar makes a difference!