This Club appreciates humanitarians that realize the only way to enable Cambodian children to climb out of the dark depths of poverty, sickness, malnutrition, suffering and exploitation, is by supporting Education.

The Feeding Dreams Team

Meet our multicultural Feeding Dreams Team, a group of high performance humanitarians with exceptional attitudes, beliefs and understanding of themselves and others. These principled individuals are committed to empowering the impoverished, and consistently meet work challenges and organizational achievement.

Feeding Dreams Board of Directors

Mr Blaed Perkins

Director/Football Academy (Youth, Education & Sports)

An accomplished young man from Australia, with love and compassion for the Cambodian people.

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Ms Kerry Huntly

Director/Public Relations

A great humanitarian from Brisbane Australia, who has devoted her life to helping the poor Cambodian people.

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Ms Arlene Gormley

Director/Sustainable Development Consultant

Our dedicated Irish girl is recently completed her MA in Sustainable Int'l Development. Arlene remains an integral part of FDC.

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Feeding Dreams Key Staff

Mr Sophorn Ngin

Community Support Manager

Warm, kind professional dedicated to aiding impoverished Khmer children and families.

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Mr Joe McBride

Volunteer Manager

Feeding Dreams is delighted to welcome Mr. Joe to our grass roots organisation. Joe hails from New Zealand and is proving to be a true asset to the team!

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Mr Chheang Sokmean

IT Specialist/Teacher

A Masters Degree holder in Information Technology with a heart for his people.

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Mr Kun Sengthai

Head of Academics

I am Cambodian and I do love my people. Feeding Dreams is an amazing organization for destitute people and poor children. It provides an opportunity for them to gain knowledge, food, clothes, study materials and fun activities.

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Feeding Dreams Khmer Key Staff

Ms Hoeum Srey Mao

School Meals Chef

Our experienced Head Chef ensures all meals cooked for the children are cooked with love.

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Ms Mek Soknita


I am a student at Build Bright University studying English Literature. I have been a teacher at Feeding Dreams since it first opened. I love teaching and helping the children. My students are always happy, and I so love my job.

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Ms Main Saro

Volunteer Coordinator

After graduating from Build Bright University in Teaching English as a foreign language, Saro has also passed her exams for the title of a qualified Tour Guide. Congratulations Saro.

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Ms Chan Sreyroth

Morality Teacher / First Aid

I remember that we never had enough food to feed everyone in our family. Sometimes things were so bad we could not even make rice porridge to share. I also remember that in one year there was no rain, so we were unable to plant any rice.

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Mr Khen Sinang

Social Worker

I love my role as Social worker, as it is my dream to help people living in the slum areas and lacking of education. Families come to us with problems, needing help with solutions. I want to be a part of the solution for each person and my society. I work at Feeding Dreams during the day and I attend my bachelor degree program in Business Administration at Pannasastra University of Cambodia in the evening.

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Mr Khuy Seng

Social Worker

I am working in the Feeding Dreams Community Support department. I love this job so much as it trains me how to work with villagers in the poor community around us. I work all day, and in the evening ride my bicycle to BBU to continue my Bachelor Degree of Law and Social Science of private Law.

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Ms Sok Mardy

Morality Teacher / First Aid

Mardy is a vibrant, intelligent young woman, exuding confidence and enthusiasm in the classroom. She is currently studying Teaching English Literature at University during the evenings, and is a wonderful role model to her students during the day.

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Mr Kun Tak

English/Math Teacher

I moved to Siem Reap and lived with the monks in the Pagoda, sharing a small room with three people such as a monk, my brother and me. I woke up in the early morning to prepare breakfast for the monks.

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Ms Pon Dinha

Kinder Teacher

I am studying Public Administration at University of South East Asia each evening. At Feeding Dreams I care for and teach our youngest Kinder students. I enjoy the challenge, and I am so happy to work at Feeding Dreams.

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Ms Sambath Tina

English/Math Teacher

Feeding Dreams is a really great school and the education is free. I am happy that the kids can come to study without paying any money and they get free food also. Even if the children have old clothes Feeding Dreams can provide some clothes also. All the students are smart and lovely and I am happy to work here.

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Mr Chheng Oun

English/Math Teacher

I am a university student who is studying in Year 4th, University of South-East-Asia and work in an organizational school, Feeding Dreams Cambodia, as a teacher of English near my rental house. I check the students are friendly and I help them a lot with their task. Basically, I do enjoy this position so much because I like teaching and assisting them.

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Mr Srey Vannak

English/Math Teacher

During my childhood, I always told my mother that I really want to study like my older brothers but my parents were so sad when they heard like that because I can’t walk the same as other people.

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Mr Bora Ream

English/Math Teacher

My name is Bora Ream. I am a Cambodian person. I was born in Battambang in 1995. I have moved to live in Siem Reap since 2006 while studying in grade 6 and I started to study English since then.

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Ms Brak Thoeung (Tha)


There is always much work to do, but I enjoy my job working with our team, as we all work together and share the jobs. I work very hard to make sure the Feeding Dreams areas are always clean and hygienic for the children.

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Mr Voeun San

Security and Site care taker

I do love my job looking after the children, making sure they are all safe. I also ensure the school is well looked after, including caring for the vegetable gardens, fruit trees and gardens. I am also a student in USEA University studying Legal Administration.

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Ms Chon Chanra

Assistant Cook

I love to help cook the meals each day for our children. We work so hard to prepare so many meals, but the children enjoy their food so much as there is not much to eat at their own homes.