This Club appreciates humanitarians that realize the only way to enable Cambodian children to climb out of the dark depths of poverty, sickness, malnutrition, suffering and exploitation, is by supporting Education.

Free School Meal for Children

  • Malnutrition remains a significant problem in Cambodia and is a cause in approximately one third of child deaths.
  • In the past five years, the number of children suffering from chronic malnutrition has decreased only slightly and the number suffering from acute malnutrition may have increased. Major drivers of poor nutrition in young children are inadequate complementary feeding practices, poor hygiene and high prevalence of diseases, including diarrhea.
  • Almost 40 percent of children are chronically malnourished.
  • Malnutrition affects most Cambodian children: 45% show moderate or severe stunting
  • Through Feeding Dreams Cambodia's School Meal Program we are able to provide free school meals - 600 nutritious meals per day to malnourished children.
  • The School Meal Program varies daily, thick rice soup with vegetables, herbs and chicken/beef, fried rice with chicken/seafood and vegetables, soup with vegetables, chicken and herbs, baguettes, heavy pumpkin or bean pudding with coconut milk etc...


We can continuously provide nutritious free school meals, where for some is the only meal they have for the day!


  • US$25 is able to provide 150 nutritious meals
  • US$50 is able to provide 300 nutritious meals
  • US$100 is able to provide 600 nutritious meals

Every dollar makes a difference!