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Feeding Dreams Cambodia
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I S S U E :
We are delighted to officially launch the Feeding Dreams Cambodia
Y.E.S Football Academy uses football as a tool to drive social change in Cambodia
The Y.E.S. Academy provides an opportunity to do more than just teach football skills, tech-
niques and tactics, it has created an organized and safe environment to nurture the social and
moral values of the young people in our community.
The Academy offers a FREE 12 month program for marginalized male youths offering profes-
sional football training, and also engaging the participants through a series of workshops
geared towards developing life-skills.
This newsletter is dedicated to launch of the Y.E.S Academy, with commentary from program
visionary and manager, Blaed and also a candid conversation with the Head coach, Tuy Som,
who has first hand experience of how football can change the trajectory of a young persons life.
We have provided a comprehensive breakdown of the Y.E.S Academy budget and profiles of
the small, dedicated team of Y.E.S staff.
Should you require any further information
about the program, please get in touch, we
would love to hear from you!
Khmer adolescents living in an extremely marginalized community on the outskirts of tourist hotspot Siem Reap, an
area characterized by multi-dimensional socio-economic issues including widespread poverty, substance abuse, crime
and family breakdown.
In reality, the urban poor live with many deprivations including limited access to employment opportunities and in-
come, inadequate and insecure housing and services, violent and unhealthy environments, little or no social protec-
tion mechanisms, and limited access to adequate health and education opportunities.
Football and other sports are used as a major force for social change by facilitating the development and empower-
ment of youths who can become self-assured, responsible and active adults.
Evidence shows that when adolescents are supported and encouraged by caring adults, along with policies and ser-
vices attentive to their needs and capabilities, they have the potential to break long-standing cycles of poverty, dis-
crimination and violence.
Y.E.S. A 12 month program for male marginalized youths offering not only quality football training, but also develop-
ing a series of workshops geared towards the Y.E.S. adolescent youths that will be incorporated into the pro-
gram. One workshop will be dedicated to educating Y.E.S. students on methods of non-violent conflict resolution for
disputes and how youth can safely and effectively mediate during conflicts at home and in the community. Other
workshops will include life skills values (teamwork, respect for others & hard work), gender equality & employment
possibilities which can also promote confidence and commitment. Upon completion of this program, successful partici-
pants will be accredited with a Certificate of Achievement.
Our "first ever" intake for this program consists of— 100 players
Two age groups - under 14s and under 18 year olds
Open only to under privileged youth of Siem Reap
Blaed’s Dream for Cambodian Youth
A few weeks ago i celebrated being in Cambodia for 8 years. The time has gone by so quickly that I get little chance to
reflect on what has been a whirlwind journey. With many factors contributing to my long term commitment to the country of
Cambodia I thought I would fill you in on just a couple. The first one being my beautiful family here.
I have been privileged enough to have met the lady of my dreams and even luckier
that I can call her my wife. She is the most organised, determined, caring and beauti-
ful person I have ever met. She gives me strength when I don't have any, and she
understands me as a person and allows me to follow my dreams. I can't wait to spend
the rest of my life with you, and in the near future we will finally have a house that we
can call home. I love every bit of family time we spend together. I love you.
Feeding Dreams Cambodia. Not even in our wildest dreams did we think this organi-
sation would be where it is today. The dedication of staff, volunteers, students, fami-
lies and sponsors from all around the world has helped create an organisation that
provides first class education. We now teach english to over 800 students, computer
class to more than 40 students a year, provide 201,000 school meals per year to our
students, a sports program for our students as well many other programs. Today we
opened the Dreams Training Centre. We will now provide first class Vocational Train-
ing to 60 students for the next 12 months. They will be educated in a wonderful facility
with trained professionals in preparation for placement into the world of Employment.
Upon completion of the 12 month program, we will support each student in finding
suitable employment in the Hospitality Industry. FDC is an organisation that I fully
believe in and one that I know is improving the lives of many Cambodian people.
Recently I stepped away from my role as Volunteer Manager at Feeding Dreams
Cambodia. It was a role that I had been doing for many years and something I en-
joyed immensely. Knowing that we had found a suitable replacement for my role, I
decided to follow my dreams....
As a lot of you know, I have a passion for Football (soccer). 22 years ago at my local football club Albany Creek Excelsior
my mum enrolled me into the U7 team wonderfully named the Red Dolphins! That day changed my life.
With the help of Siem Reap FC, we have joined together to Establish the Y.E.S Football Academy. We have created a
program that uses football as a tool to drive social change.
We now have 100 male youths enrolled from around Siem Reap who will undertake a 12 month program that includes
Football Training with experienced coaches, Like Skills and moral lessons and the opportunity to follow their dreams to
become professional footballers and even more importantly to become better people. We will help them to become role-
models in their community so in the future they can use their experience to help others.
I wholeheartedly believe that Football has the power to impact peoples lives in such a positive way like no other
sport. It impacted mine in a wonderful way, so now its my turn to help what we call ''The World Game' have a posi-
tive impact on the lives of others.
The program relies totally on sponsors and donors and we appreciate eve- ry
donation no matter how big or small immensely.
Mr TUY SOM Ex Cambodian National League
Professional Footballer
Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Tuy Som, I am 31 and I moved from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap in 2013.
I married in 2008 and I am now father to my adorable 6 year old son. First started playing football and
‘Takraw’ (foot volleyball) with a small bamboo ball with my young friends in the village at the age of 13.
I gained a professional football contract in the Cambodian National League with NAVY FC at the age of 20. I
stayed with that club for 5 years before transferring to Build Bright United in 2010 for 3 years.
Although I was a paid professional footballer, my salary was not enough to support my young family. I moved to
Siem Reap for a better life for us all, and gained employment at Somadevi Hotel and worked there for 2 years, but
my passion has always been, and will always be, football. When I worked at Hotel I work for support my family
because I had no other choice. When I had chance to be Head Coach of the Y.E.S Academy I was happy. Now I
work and I can support my family but also I can help many young people with something I enjoy doing.
Why do you want Cambodia's youths to play football? I love
football since a young age. Before it helped me when I was
young and had no job. When I see the children play football,
it makes me happy and I see they are happy. I don’t want to
see them on the streets do something wrong or go out late
night drink beer. So I try to share my love for football to im-
prove our countries youths.
Do you believe some of the players in the program can be-
come professionals? Yes of course. But only by working
hard, not only training but also looking after their health etc.
If they believe and commit to our program, I am certain some
players can become professionals.
What is the favourite part of your job? When I see the play-
ers happy, I’m happy also. But what makes me the most
happiest is when I teach some players about some skills etc
and they listen. It means they respect what I say and they
believe that I can help them improve as players and people
too. But, we always need footballs, bibs and uniforms for
training. If we have enough resources the quality of our pro-
gram will improve.
Football changed my life when I was young. I stopped going
to high school at year 8 because my family could not support
my school fees. If I did not get Contract with Professional
Club then I don’t know what job I could do because I didn’t
have a good education. I was lucky, but a lot of people
aren’t, so that’s why our focus is on Football and a good
Education so there is always a chance to succeed even if you don’t become professional.
*Tuy Som is now the Captain of the Siem Reap Angkor Provincial Football Team. He has gained respect
around Cambodia for his efforts in Football and his ability as a Leader which makes him a perfect person
for the Head Coach Role at YES Academy.
Sponsors play a vital role in ensuring this program is successful. Some of the deliverable costs
to program are:
US$10 provides a player a uniform (excluding boots, socks, shin pads)
US$35 purchases 5 footballs
US$100 purchases 400 bottles of clean drinking water for players
US$250 provides a Life Skills/Moral Workshop once a month
US$350 for hire suitable football fields for a month
Monthly salaries of highly experienced Coaches
Training equipment
Donate, Sponsor, Connect to Y.E.S http://feedingdreamscambodia.org/make-a-donation.php
Or become a regular and recognized sponsor - Corporate, School or Club sponsorships welcome.
A minimum of US$1,300 per month is needed to invest for the purpose of building skills and abilities of the
youths & communities of Siem Reap - and enable youth to become key actors in the development of the
Or directly to our Charity Organization
business Account in Cambodia:
Sponsor a Y.E.S Academy Coach
Sponsor a Salary Tuy Som – Head Coach
US$120 / Month or US$1,440 Annually
“When I see the players happy, I’m happy also. But what makes me the most happiest is when I teach
some players about some skills etc and they listen. It means they respect what I say and they believe that I
can help them improve as players and people too.”
Sponsor a Salary Coaches (below L - R) Seyha, Udom, Rith, Blaed, Tuy Som
US$100 / Month or US$1200 Annually
The driving force of the Y.E.S Academy are the local, dedicated football coaches. In addition to
teaching the 100 kids technical skills, they will be mentors for them– offering advice, support and
inspiration. Each of our coaches have come from challenging backgrounds and are thus, won-
derful role models to the kids, proving that with hard work and dedication, everyone has the po-
tential to improve their lives. With young families themselves, it is important that the coaches are
paid a fair salary for their work. Therefore, we are asking for sponsorship for the their salaries.
It is a great opportunity to get YOUR local club involved!
If you would like more information about sponsoring a coach email
Nelson Mandela once said Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to
inspire. It speaks to youths in the language they understand. It is more powerful than gov-
ernments in breaking down social barriers”.
Feeding Dreams Cambodia NEWS
(Youth Education Sport) uses football as a tool to drive social change in Cambodia.
Feeding Dreams Cambodia NEWS
Or directly to our Charity Organization
business Account in Cambodia:
A/C 2599771
ANZ Royal Bank Ltd
Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Feeding Dreams Team
would like to say a
special thank you from
our hearts to our lovely
friends and donors
from across the globe.
Without humanitarian
love, support, and
engagement in our work
with the impoverished,
we could not have con-
tinued our life saving
programs for these
beautiful people.
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